About Me


I'm Kylie—I consider myself a digital maker. I write, photograph, and consult and optimize my work for the online and technical world we live in. 

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Based in Chicago, I'm inspired by nature—green space, blue skies, and a bit of dirt all appeal to me—and you'll see that I'm frequently photographing all around Lake Michigan.

I'm mom to one little boy and one crazy rescue pup. I married my best friend. I have a serious caffeine addiction. I run half-marathons semi-frequently and I ran a marathon once (it was a really long run). I rarely read a book more than once, but I've read To Kill a Mockingbird and East of Eden many times. Rediscovering children's books with my son is one of my new favorite things. I'm generally a very happy person, but wait to test that until I've had my morning coffee. 

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