Hey there!

First things first, if you're looking to consult with me on web content or small business items, hop on over to Shorewood Studio. That's the home for my consulting work. 

This website is my new creative incubator. I do a lot of fun, creative work over at Shorewood, but I also have other irons in the fire and I want to display those projects as I go along. I also need a place to connect with other creatives. 

In November 2015 two really huge things happened to me: 1) after a careful review of my business, I decided to stop taking photography clients and, instead, focus my business only on web content consulting, and 2) I found out I was pregnant. These two happenings were a double whammy on my creativity. I wasn't getting out and stretching myself creatively with clients anymore, and I really struggled with foggy pregnancy brain. I felt like it took a HUGE amount of effort to focus on the essentials of my consulting business and I didn't have the energy or inspiration for personal photography. 

I took a lot of time off. And I don't regret it. Taking a step back from photography allowed me to more clearly see the role it played in my life. After my son was born, I obviously wanted to document his life, but most of my clicks were just snapshots. And then, slowly, my inspiration started to come back. I started to look at light again and see something new and interesting. I started wishing I had my camera on me when we took walks around neighborhood. I couldn't wait to get back to the beach (my favorite place to photograph). 

I've also started writing again. Often, I associate my photos with a small essay or group of thoughts in my head. I needed a space to record all of this new energy. So, here it is. 

I'm wear many hats these days: mom, wife, artist, entrepreneur, family, friend, mentor, neighbor, random person on the internet, etc. I plan to take on and off those hats here without worrying that I'm not consistently "branding" myself. I want to weave in and out of thought as I move through seasons of my own life. 

Here we go.