Exploring Los Angeles

My best friend moved out to LA a few years ago, and although I visited her in her first year there, we haven't been able to repeat the connection since we've alternated being pregnant and adjusting to new babies. Her youngest is almost three months now and Neil is a hardy {almost} one-year-old so I decided to take the plunge and fly out there this past week. After a few days of time with just her and the kiddos, Greg flew out and we tacked on a mini family vacation to the trip. 

I took advantage of those early morning wake-ups with Neil to photograph the gorgeous hills around our AirBnB. I also learned how to wear Neil in a backpack hold on this trip and I'm excited to shoot more with my newly freed hands! 

My landscape photography setup isn't perfect when I'm traveling with a baby (and I'm okay with that!). Because my hands are often full of baby and baby things, I don't bring a tripod or extra lenses. When I travel I usually just carry my Sony mirrorless and a pancake lens (which has a 20mm crop sensor view). In the future, I'm sure I'll be able to do more with my work, but I'm so happy we've reached a point where I can travel with both a baby and a camera, and everyone leaves the trip having enjoyed themselves. Win win!