Good Riddance

I crave summer. I wait for it every spring with bated breath. Sometimes, during the winter, I feel as if it's a pipe dream. And when it finally graces Chicagoland with its presence, I soak up summer's Vitamin D, and warm Lake Michigan, and long days. 

I live for summer.

And yet, I am beyond okay with saying goodbye to it this year. Summer 2017 was hard. It was one of loss and anxiety and pain. 

Now, I'm in unchartered territory. Trying to embrace the cool seasons ahead. Almost as if those chillier winds are the aloe vera to my badly burned skin. 

Looking toward fall and winter with hope is new for me. Follow me as I figure out how that works. 

These images are from my last semi-summer sunset (it was 80 degrees in late September) in Sawyer this year.

Shot with my Sony a6000 and 20mm pancake lens.